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The basic machine learning algorithm which often promises better results compared to more complicated algorithms, so I just wanted to write about how it works.

I have read a lot of articles on why standardization is so important in solving machine learning problems. No offense but, I didn’t really find an appropriate practical explanation. So I thought of writing this blog to..whatever… Let’s cut the BS and get to the point. Alright, let me take an example of three data points.


The goal is to optimize the area under curve for predicting which project proposall on Donorschoose is likely to be accepted and which project will be rejected..

Applying dimensionality Reduction techniques like T distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embeddings on Amazon Food review text data set...

Not all of the features in our datasets are useful. It is highly likely that least important features will lower your model's accuracy. So we better find out which f..

EDA is nothing but exlporing the data by using some means to infer rational insights to gain better understanding of the data. Data Science usually involves myriad..

This app lets users know if their friends are within certain radius. This is developed as part of Microsoft's Windows App Development Program in 2014 developed in C#..


Dr. Anuradha G and I collaborated to work on interesting application of Machine Learning(Sentiment Analysis) on Product reviews to summarize reviews for better understanding of the product/service: Link.